Streamlining Your Metal Fabrication Process

Turn to us for 3D printers in New Iberia, LA or Palm Beach Gardens, FL

If you're looking to streamline your machining process, you'll need cutting-edge technology to get you there. That's where Additive Innovators comes in. We sell top-of-the-line 3D printers and scanners for metal fabrication.

Whether you're working on a personal or commercial project, we can help you get the job done in a fraction of the time. Our 3D scanners and printers handle part designs for a variety of technology and manufacturing industries. They also help you avoid supply chain shortages since you'll be able to produce your own components in-house.

Not sure which 3D printer or scanner is best for your project? Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right equipment. Call 337-380-0343 now to get started. We service New Iberia, LA and Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

What does Additive Innovators offer?

Additive Innovators has everything that you need to take your metal fabrication to the next level. We sell the:

  • Desktop Metal Studio System 2
  • Desktop Metal Shop System
  • Peel 2 CAD 3D scanner

Ready to see what our 3D printers can do for your projects? Contact us today to speak with a metal fabrication specialist.

Choose the 3D printing experts who do it all

From setup to maintenance, Additive Innovators can handle all of your 3D printing needs. You can call us for:

Training services

Maintenance services

Printing services

For more information on our 3D printing products and services, reach out now.